Commit 0c79260d authored by Alexandre Delanoë's avatar Alexandre Delanoë

Revert "[list upload] fix JSON upload URL"

The "nobody" route is the one which is working for now.

This reverts commit 9de1e1b5.
parent d48f2def
Pipeline #1653 failed with stage
......@@ -670,7 +670,7 @@ asyncTaskTypePath :: AsyncTaskType -> String
asyncTaskTypePath AddNode = "async/nobody/"
asyncTaskTypePath Form = "add/form/async/"
asyncTaskTypePath GraphRecompute = "async/recompute/"
asyncTaskTypePath ListUpload = "add/form/async"
asyncTaskTypePath ListUpload = "add/form/async/nobody"
asyncTaskTypePath Query = "query/"
asyncTaskTypePath UpdateNgramsCharts = "ngrams/async/charts/update/"
asyncTaskTypePath UpdateNode = "update/"
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