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    make gargantext buildable with stack & cabal in a nix environment · eb307705
    Alp Mestanogullari authored
    I revamped the whole Nix infrastructure a bit to clearly delineate the bits
    about providing a suitable environment (with respect to non Haskell deps) and
    the shell and stack helper expressions, and moved it all under `nix/` to
    make it easier to ignore (if not interested) or focus on (if interested) the Nix
    infrastructure of this repository.
    For some reason, this required changes that don't seem necessary in the
    Docker environment, even though this all happens using the same GHC version
    as used in the Docker environment/Stackage LTS snapshot.
    The said changes correspond to the source repositories mentioned in the
    cabal.project and stack.yaml files that have not been left untouched, for which
    I either pointed to a fork I made, or a different commit that I pushed in a
    dedicated branch (for the ISCPIF gitlab repositories to which I seemingly
    have write access).
    Many of the changes were about Haddock `-- |` style syntax being used in an
    unexpected place, and this was making GHC's parser quite sad.
    This commit doesn't (yet?) provide Nix infrastructure for building everything
    in/through Nix, but shouldn't be too much work with something like haskell.nix,
    which has suitable tooling to import stack.yaml or cabal.project based
    project specifications and turn them into fully nixified builds, which might
    or might not be desirable.
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