Commit 2ba1b298 authored by Przemyslaw Kaminski's avatar Przemyslaw Kaminski

Merge branch 'dev' into dev-corpora-from-write-nodes

parents 00960e3a 35c457c6
Pipeline #1924 canceled with stage
name: gargantext
version: ''
version: ''
synopsis: Search, map, share
description: Please see
category: Data
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ extra-deps:
# Databases libs
- git:
commit: 9089fa71006d99d01916375818620d78a565b743
commit: 806da7f9fb6fe1032f51c1822fc224b281cdd84f
- git:
commit: 308c74b71a1abb0a91546fa57d353131248e3a7f
- git:
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