Commit d40821bd authored by Alfredo Di Napoli's avatar Alfredo Di Napoli

Add support for weeder

parent 5f5c9cb1
......@@ -177,3 +177,4 @@ ghc-options:
hmatrix: -O2 -fsimpl-tick-factor=10000 -fdicts-cheap -fdicts-strict -flate-dmd-anal -fno-state-hack
sparse-linear: -O2 -fsimpl-tick-factor=10000 -fdicts-cheap -fdicts-strict -flate-dmd-anal -fno-state-hack
gargantext-graph: -O2 -fsimpl-tick-factor=10000 -fdicts-cheap -fdicts-strict -flate-dmd-anal -fno-state-hack
"$locals": -fwrite-ide-info -hiedir=".stack-work/hiedb"
{ roots = [ "^Main\\.main\$"
, "^Paths_.*"
], type-class-roots = True }
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