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    [FEAT] Aadding Visio micro-service (Jitsi) · d8abf3ad
    Alexandre Delanoë authored
    First add New type NodeFrameVisio it this case:
    	modified :         src/Gargantext/Types.purs
    After this step, just follow the compiler errors to fix the instances.
    Then adapt the routes:
    	modified :         src/Gargantext/Router.purs
    	modified :         src/Gargantext/Components/Router.purs
    	modified :         src/Gargantext/Routes.purs
    Finally fix the Node and its options:
    	modified :         src/Gargantext/Components/Forest/Tree/Node/Settings.purs
    	modified :         src/Gargantext/Components/Nodes/Frame.purs
    	modifié :         dist/index.html
    Some script have to be loaded (to be tested still)
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