Commit 1bca4d09 authored by Przemyslaw Kaminski's avatar Przemyslaw Kaminski

[psc-package] upgrade to 4.0.0, fix package.json source path

parent 724fe11f
"name": "gargantext",
"set": "local",
"source": ".psc-package",
"source": ".psc-package/local/.set/packages.json",
"depends": [
......@@ -5174,10 +5174,10 @@ prr@~1.0.1:
resolved ""
integrity sha1-0/wRS6BplaRexok/SEzrHXj19HY=
version "3.0.1"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-lBA0vXzxeoftzbtpfgZqr2t0rzzecQ9uCXCQOLd74t+5Z72/HP/u7MRNtx8gyBDdLccY90xdjRfSXYwVrdDvgQ==
version "4.0.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-A8MEQQOmOT9wkXsd+fY3UXyWWfSA8WYr23MKJmXdqyXXff1RSOIUitLjh9zsWKXF2Tl9fpZsdx7RC3VfQ0JNXA==
follow-redirects "^1.5.9"
shelljs "^0.8.2"
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