Commit 59aaa853 authored by Alexandre Delanoë's avatar Alexandre Delanoë

[DOC] Quick fix for demo

parent 47a33fae
......@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ tutorialCpt = here.component "tutorial" cpt where
startTutos :: Array Tuto
startTutos =
[ Tuto { title: "The tree is your friend"
[ Tuto { title: "The tree to manage your data"
, id: "0_tree.ogv"
, text : "The tree enables you to control all your actions. The Tree has typed nodes. Each node has some attributes and some methods which depend on its type. This specific ergonomy helps the memorization of all the complexity of the GarganTexts' features: hence you do not need to remember all the documentation! Just remember these simple axioms, the Tree is built with parent-children relations of nodes which have specific attributes and methods. To get its methods and attributes, just click on the wheel near its name (for this feature, see advanced tutorial: how to play with GarganText)." }
-- , Tuto { title : "Edit your profile"
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