Commit 97d89bae authored by James Laver's avatar James Laver

[DEBUG] Comment out suspicious-looking `useEffect1`, fixing the endless cycle of rerenders

parent b4b12b6d
......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ tableCpt = R.hooksComponent "Table" cpt
let state = {pageSize, orderBy, page}
let ps = pageSizes2Int pageSize
let totalPages = (totalRecords / ps) + min 1 (totalRecords `mod` ps)
R.useEffect1' state $ setParams (stateParams state)
-- R.useEffect1' state $ setParams (stateParams state)
pure $ container
{ pageSizeControl: sizeDD pageSize setPageSize
, pageSizeDescription: textDescription page pageSize totalRecords
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