Commit a6173a37 authored by Przemyslaw Kaminski's avatar Przemyslaw Kaminski

[Tree] new add/form/async endpoint for file upload

parent a2455155
......@@ -169,8 +169,8 @@ instance fileUploadQueryToQuery :: ToQuery FileUploadQuery where
uploadFile :: Session -> ID -> FileType -> UploadFileContents -> Aff AsyncTask
uploadFile session id fileType (UploadFileContents fileContents) =
--postWwwUrlencoded session p fileContents
postMultipartFormData session p fileContents
postWwwUrlencoded session p fileContents
--postMultipartFormData session p fileContents
q = FileUploadQuery { fileType: fileType }
p = NodeAPI Corpus (Just id) $ "add/file/async" <> Q.print (toQuery q)
p = NodeAPI Corpus (Just id) $ "add/form/async" <> Q.print (toQuery q)
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