Commit bdf3f8d2 authored by Alexandre Delanoë's avatar Alexandre Delanoë

[FIX] warnings

parent 680db391
......@@ -24,24 +24,21 @@ import Data.Tuple (Tuple(..), fst, snd)
import Data.Tuple.Nested ((/\))
import Effect (Effect)
import Effect.Aff (Aff)
import Reactix as R
import Reactix.DOM.HTML as H
import Unsafe.Coerce (unsafeCoerce)
import Gargantext.Components.AutoUpdate (autoUpdateElt)
import Gargantext.Components.LoadingSpinner (loadingSpinner)
import Gargantext.Components.NgramsTable.Components as NTC
import Gargantext.Components.NgramsTable.Core
import Gargantext.Components.NgramsTable.Loader (useLoaderWithVersionCache)
import Gargantext.Components.Table as T
import Gargantext.Hooks.Loader (useLoaderWithCache)
import Gargantext.Prelude (class Show, Unit, bind, const, discard, identity, map, mempty, not, pure, show, unit, (#), ($), (&&), (/=), (<$>), (<<<), (<>), (=<<), (==), (||), read)
import Gargantext.Routes as R
import Gargantext.Routes (SessionRoute(..)) as R
import Gargantext.Sessions (Session, get)
import Gargantext.Types (CTabNgramType, OrderBy(..), SearchQuery, TabType, TermList(..), TermSize, termLists, termSizes)
import Gargantext.Utils (queryMatchesLabel, toggleSet)
import Gargantext.Utils.List (sortWith) as L
import Gargantext.Utils.Reactix as R2
import Reactix (Component, Element, State, createElement, fragment, hooksComponent, useState') as R
import Reactix.DOM.HTML as H
import Unsafe.Coerce (unsafeCoerce)
type State' =
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