Commit d05bc38b authored by James Laver's avatar James Laver

Merge branch 'cherry-pick-2e05fc87' into 'dev'

Bump PS to 0.13.6

See merge request !25
parents 8d7287b7 aab5ebe9
......@@ -5177,10 +5177,10 @@ purescript-installer@^0.2.0:
which "^1.3.1"
zen-observable "^0.8.14"
version "0.13.5"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-nwCqlhPZKfm1HkZzEy91dC9vIoRcah226OkIfW0kiz7tPl+LddwAIVT2bdhfQwzu2XUhgOKmYbvn9nlbHlOGMQ==
version "0.13.6"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-PC93xqr0zDs5l5xnfTlptKzv5jBWbML+dwtpDCZkOOH7h9wgLusQfU4PNfHvdwrSmsBntalGm+Cbd6VrokN7Sg==
purescript-installer "^0.2.0"
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