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* Guided Tour
* Sources form highlighting crawlers
## Version 3.0.7
* Alembic implemented to manage database migrations
## Version
* REPEC Crawler (connection with
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* Create user gargantua
Main user of Gargantext is Gargantua (role of Pantagruel soon)!
``` bash
sudo adduser --disabled-password --gecos "" gargantua
* Create the directories you need
here for the example gargantext package will be installed in /srv/
``` bash
for dir in "/srv/gargantext"
"/srv/env_3-5"; do
sudo mkdir -p $dir ;
sudo chown gargantua:gargantua $dir ;
You should see:
$tree /srv
├── gargantext
├── gargantext_lib
├── gargantext_media
│   └── srv
│   └── env_3-5
└── gargantext_static
* Get the main libraries
Download uncompress and make main user access to it.
PLease, Be patient due to the size of the packages libraries (27GO)
this step can be long....
``` bash
wget \
&& tar xvjf gargantext_lib.tar.bz2 -o /srv/gargantext_lib \
&& sudo chown -R gargantua:gargantua /srv/gargantext_lib \
&& echo "Libs installed"
* Get the source code of Gargantext
by cloning the repository of gargantext
``` bash
git clone ssh:// /srv/gargantext \
&& cd /srv/gargantext \
&& git fetch origin stable \
&& git checkout stable \
TODO(soon): git clone
* Install and configure the virtual environment
``` bash
cd /srv/
pip3 install virtualenv
virtualenv /srv/env_3-5 -p /usr/bin/python3.5
pip install -r /srv/gargantext/install
echo '/srv/gargantext' > /srv/env_3-5/lib/python3.5/site-packages/gargantext.pth
echo 'alias venv="source /srv/env_3-5/bin/activate"' >> ~/.bashrc
See the [next steps of installation procedure](
See the [next manual steps of installation procedure](
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