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Contribution guide

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#Contribution guide
* A question or a problem? Ask the community
* Sources
* Tools
* Contribution workflow: for contributions, bugs and features
* Some examples of contributions
## Community
Need help? Ask the community
* [](
* IRC Chat: (OFTC/FreeNode) #gargantex
## Source
Source are available throught XXX LICENSE
You can install Gargantext throught the [installation procedure](./
* gogs
* server access
* gargantext box
* Gargantex box install
(S.I.R.= Setup Install & Run procedures)
## Contributing: workflow procedure
Once you have installed and tested Gargantext
* Architecture Overview
1. Clone the stable release into your project
Note: The current stable release <release_branch> is: refactoring
Inside the repo, clone the reference branch and get the last changes:
git checkout <ref_branch>
git pull
* Database Schema Overview
It is highly recommended to create a generic branch on a stable release such as
git checkout -b <username>-<release_branch>
git pull
* Interface design Overview
##To do:
* Docs
* Interface deisgn
* Parsers/scrapers
* Computing
2. Create your project on stable release
## How to contribute:
1. Clone the repo
2. Create a new branch <username>-refactoring
3. Run the gargantext-box
4. Code
6. Commit
git checkout -b <username>-<release_branch>-<project_name>
Do your modifications and commits as you want it:
git commit -m "foo/bar/1"
git commit -m "foo/bar/2"
git push
If you want to save your local change you can merge it into your generic branch <username>-<release_branch>
git checkout <username>-<release_branch>
git pull
git merge <username>-<release_branch>-<project_name>
git commit -m "[Merge OK] comment"
### Exemple1: Adding a parser
* create your new file into gargantex/scrapers/
* reference into gargantex/scrapers/
add this line:
import as cern
* reference into gargantext/constants
# type 9
{ 'name': 'Cern',
'parser': CernParser,
'default_language': 'en',
* add an APIKEY in gargantex/settings
##Technical Overview
* Interface Overview
* Database Schema Overview
* Architecture Overview
### Exemple1: Adding a parser
### Exemple2: User Interface Design
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