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[DOC] Alembic: handling of views, roles, schemas, SPs, triggers and policies

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......@@ -18,6 +18,9 @@ USUAL WORKFLOW WITH ALEMBIC
4. Commit alembic revision (it should never be reverted)
5. Commit changes in models (it can be reverted if needed)
To create, drop or modify views, schemas, roles, stored procedures, triggers or
policies see below: REPLACEABLE OBJECTS.
......@@ -63,3 +66,54 @@ GENERATE AN EMPTY REVISION
# This script must be edited to write the migration itself, mainly
# in `upgrade` and `downgrade` functions. See Alembic documentation for
# further details.
There is no specific way no handle views, schemas, roles, stored procedures,
triggers or policies with Alembic. To ease revisions of such objects, avoid
boilerplate code and too much op.execute we use an enhanced version of
ReplaceableObject recipe (see Alembic documentation).
To create, drop or modify such object you need to make a ReplaceableObject
instance, and then use create_*, drop_* or replace_* method of alembic.op.
Conversion between ReplaceableObject and SQL is implemented in
* Views: create_view(ReplaceableObject(<name>, <query>))
* Roles: create_role(ReplaceableObject(<name>, <options>))
* Schemas: create_schema(ReplaceableObject(<name>))
* Stored procedures: create_sp(ReplaceableObject(<name(arguments)>, <body>)
* Triggers: create_trigger(ReplaceableObject(<name>, <when>, <table>, <body>))
* Policies: create_policy(ReplaceableObject(<name>, <table>, <body>))
Here is an example with a stored procedure:
from gargantext.util.alembic import ReplaceableObject
revision = '08230100f512'
my_function_sp = ReplaceableObject(
"my_function()", "RETURNS integer AS $$ SELECT 42 $$ LANGUAGE sql")
def upgrade():
def downgrade():
To modify this stored procedure in a later revision:
from gargantext.util.alembic import ReplaceableObject
my_function_sp = ReplaceableObject(
"my_function()", "RETURNS integer AS $$ SELECT 43 $$ LANGUAGE sql")
def upgrade():
op.replace_sp(my_function_sp, replaces="08230100f512.my_function_sp")
def downgrade():
op.replace_sp(my_function_sp, replace_with="08230100f512.my_function_sp")
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