Commit b9043eb7 authored by Romain Loth's avatar Romain Loth

Fix user retrieval from cache

parent 9b7673f7
......@@ -12,19 +12,22 @@ def _get_user_project_corpus(request, project_id, corpus_id):
"""Helper method to get a corpus, knowing the project's and corpus' ID.
Raises HTTP errors when parameters (user, IDs...) are invalid.
user = cache.User[request.user.username]
user = cache.User[]
project = session.query(Node).filter( == project_id).first()
corpus = session.query(Node).filter( == corpus_id).filter(Node.parent_id == project_id).first()
if corpus is None:
raise Http404()
if not user.owns(corpus):
raise HttpResponseForbidden()
return user, project, corpus
print("CORPORA: invalid user %i (User doesn't own this corpus)" %
return (False, user, project, corpus)
return (True, user, project, corpus)
def corpus(request, project_id, corpus_id):
user, project, corpus = _get_user_project_corpus(request, project_id, corpus_id)
authorized, user, project, corpus = _get_user_project_corpus(request, project_id, corpus_id)
if not authorized:
return HttpResponseForbidden()
# response!
return render(
template_name = 'pages/corpora/corpus.html',
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